Dishing It Out:
In Search of the
Restaurant Experience
from Reaktion Books
Can restaurants serve as a vehicle for cultural
democracy?  Can writing about restaurants do so?  
We have heard about palaces with Michelin stars,
which none of us can afford.  And we know all about
fast food joints, which kill the soul while poisoning
the body.  But what about restaurants for the rest of

In this romp in search of the meaning of the
restaurant experience, Robert Appelbaum introduces
us to such important characters on the scene as
'homo restauranticus', 'homo sucker', and 'Her
Majesty the Consumer'.  He looks at food writing
from 1803 to the present, from blogs to novels; he
travels through France in search of the 'perfect
moment'; he looks at philosophical and sociological
accounts of the restaurant; and he dares us all to live
in the world of modernity as consumers without